April 1, 2009

Felt necklace

I cut out some little circles from all my felt scraps ages ago with the intention to make Anya a necklace or bracelet. I liked the idea of using felt instead of beads for an 18m old! This really didn't take long at all and it could double as a bracelet anyway for any savvy young girl or (big girl)! I have a pretty basic machine with not too many options for stitches - but have used a smocking stitch here. I singed the ends of the ribbon too so it wouldn't fray. The ribbon doesn't need to get too close to the flame to seal nicely. It seems I like red and pink as a colour combination! I painted a sign for Anya's wall when she was born in the same colours :-)


Natalie said...

That looks really nice, great idea. I love red and pink together too, that's actually the colours I have in Ayla's room.

gret said...

Really nice idea. I love the smocking stitch and the double layer. And GREAT colour. Red and pink are excellent together. In fact, you might just see a picture of my red and pink thing very soon. :o)

Rosalind said...

I remember Natalie and I loved them! Look forward to seeing your creation Gret or was it your fab quilt I read about today?