April 3, 2009

Friday favourites

I LOVE real living magazine - Home / ideas / shopping / food / you. I have had a subscription for the last year or two... I can't bear to part with them. I was also very happy to grab a few for .50c each at the Lifeline book fair recently. I also enjoy Inside Out which feature some very inspiring homes. Real living is pretty down to earth as far our budget is concerned and I love a good project, the editor has a blog too! I really wish Australia had good flea markets where you could pick up cool old stuff that hasn't been horribly over-priced. I think antique stores stink, I can never spend long in them and they are mostly over-priced! Anyway.... this was about favourites... so here's to a good magazine enjoyed with a good coffee!


Anonymous said...

I've just started getting into this mag, and I'm really enjoying. I loved the issue before the last one that had the folk decorating. I love that look. I agree with the flea market thing, everything old is so over priced in Australia. I found a great oldwares shed in Bangalow which I'm visiting on the Easter holidays. I hope Aaron is prepared for what might come back with us!!!