January 14, 2014

Crocheting a Necklace with Beads

Happy New Year and welcome back!  If you have noticed my blogging has dwindled it has most likely been replaced by my use of Pinterest and Instagram.  I am Rosalind Grace Designs on both!  In the past, my blog was always a place to catalogue things I liked, creative ideas, to show some behind the scenes of my work and a platform to share cool designers/advice I discovered along the way.  So, I'm still around, just not as regularly in this space.

One of my creative goals in 2014 was to tackle knitting and crocheting.  I thrifted a variety of needles for both and spend spare time practising in between my personal sewing and shop projects!  This is a necklace for moi!  The needle is tiny, thank goodness for my reading glasses.  I found a tutorial on Beadaholique's Youtube channel, they also have lots of tutes on their website.  Great images, good light, no banging on with unnecessary info - wonderful!