April 30, 2009

Ikea Tree - prop

These were on sale! So cool, I bought 3 - with the thought in mind they would be good to use at the local craft markets to hang hair accessories from...when I get around to having a stall that is!! (before Christmas anyway). I like the orange but think I will spray them black so they are more versatile. I would have liked them in red but a lady swooped in just before me and carried away 50 of the things, including all the red! I have often wondered what she is using them for?! I love the shadow they cast on my dining room wall, I have two sitting in my window sill :-)


sassysinglemum said...

Hi Roalind, Amanda Keeys just joined us at http://connect2mums.ning.com/ & thinks you would love it here too! It's fun & free to promo what you do :-) I will also send you an invite! See you soon, Claire xo

Diane said...

I have one of them - it's black. Do you wanna swap? :)

I've been looking for pegs that are just the right size! No luck yet :(

gret said...

I like. Very much. xo