April 24, 2009

Friday favourites

GREEN!!! Oh yes, my favourite colour.... in the apple or olive shades mostly. It's everywhere... my wallet, current baby/Amy Butler handbag, my new business cards, wardrobe, cushions on my lounge.... Small smatterings everywhere I look. One of my Aunties brought it to my attention when I got married in 03 that both my Mum and Grandmother had green bridesmaid dresses too! I was subconsciously carrying on a family tradition :-) It must have all started at the tender age of 4 (pictured above). More about weddings some other time. Enjoy the weekend!


Anonymous said...

I too am a lover of green. I have to try and stop myself from buying only green things otherwise my entire house will be green. Actually that's the colour we're thinking of painting the outside of the house.