April 19, 2009

Exciting News

I really can't believe I haven't mentioned our exciting news until now... We finally bought our own home. We bought a 2 bed/study nook terrace house off the plan 2 weeks ago. Faithful hubby camped outside the gates of the new suburb for 2 whole nights to secure our place in the race, he was 10th in line!! Can I say, only in Canberra (well in Oz anyway) - do you have to do crazy things my Aunt & Uncle did in the 70's!! We paid the deposit but don't have to pay anything else till completion. YIPEE! Hopefully we can save some more cash by then. Somewhere to call my own, bang a nail in the wall anywhere I darn well please... and I simply can not believe my first home will be new and modern. I love old places too - but only if I have the cash to reno! May I point out the irony of the suburb name when my Surname is Grace!