April 17, 2009

Friday favourites - Craft Inc. Meg Mateo Ilasco

My current favourite book is this one by Meg Mateo Ilasco! What a great wealth of information to share, she has a blog and is working on "The Craft Inc. Business Planner" as a follow up to this book. I saw the book on a blog somewhere... a while back....sorry for the lack of credit to the wonderful person who blogged about it originally!! Anyway, it has lots of fantastic info and case studies to read about. The best price I found this book for was on Ebay. I also scored a book at the lifeline book fair a few weeks ago called "The Art of Selling Craft in Australia", which has a hideous cover that makes you want to run and hide but the info is great! I have attacked both with my highlighter! Have a great weekend.


Rachel O'Reilly said...

I just love everything about your blog, it is beautiful! I am inspired and in awe simultaneously!