April 13, 2009

MACRO Monday

I'm not sure what these flowers are but I took this photo in Roma St Parkland's when we lived in Brisbane. Gordon and I spent a day pretending we were tourists, we took photos around town of our favourite buildings, rode the jet cat up the river and wandered around taking in new sights. It's a great way to explore your own city with fresh eyes.


Rita said...

I agree totally about being tourists of your own town. In the first few days of May that is exactly what I will be doing. I plan to take photos of all the old buildings and signs I have seen while on my drives. I know it can be fun and a real treat. These buildings will not be around forever. :D

Rosalind said...

Great idea re: signs, Rita! Enjoy your touristy day :-)

Anonymous said...

I think it's a garlic plant