September 21, 2016

Giant Paper Flower Update

My giant paper flower is one of my most looked up items on my blog with whopping 123,647 views over the last four years.  Do people still love paper flowers this much or have they had their time?  I just found my notebook all this time later with some of the dimensions and card stock weights.  I've never done a tutorial but there are so many around to follow, I don't think it's necessary to add one more :-)

I used 3 x sheets of Canson 300gsm card stock  for the outer petals and leaves.  The dimension of the card was 500 x 650mm (19 x 23").

I used 7 sheets of Vivaldi 120gsm white paper.  You can also use Canson cartridge paper 500 x 600mm sheets.

My outer leaves and petals were constructed in a similar way to "The House that Lars Built, Giant Paper Flowers" and my petals were all cut free-hand in varying sizes. The centre of my rose was constructed similar to this tutorial but I didn't attached anything on a stick, I just folded the bottom of the cone over and stuck it flat so I had a flat base to work with.  I built up the petals around the centre, alternating placement as a real rose looks.  My hot glue gun was my weapon of choice, I went through quite a few glue sticks!  I hope this is helpful. x