April 7, 2009

My first hand-printed gift

I made this little travel pouch for my sister-in-law, Elizabeth along with a sweet little hair clip for her birthday. The hair clip is made from left over fabric from my wedding dress and veil. The pouch was the first project I have completed from Lena Corwin's book. The book is full of many lovely ideas and comes with a pocket of design templates. The design I used on Elizabeth's pouch was Lena's. I made my stamp out of adhesive craft foam from the $2 shop and a wooden block from Spotlight. But I will write more about how I made my stamps and the book another time (the book is worthy of a good review on its own.) I can't wait to print something that I have designed myself... I have two stamps in the wings... waiting to hit paper or fabric sometime soon. Oh and I would use the pouch to put lingerie, large costume jewellery or anything of a delicate nature you might want to keep separate!


gret said...

Love it Ros. The printing looks great.

Rita said...

Such a cute bag! Love the idea. :D