December 1, 2011

How to Decorate a Christmas Tree

The Prop House - Brisbane
A few years back I worked for The Prop House in between studying, it was only one Christmas but that is where I learnt to decorate a Christmas tree!  The Prop House do Christmas VERY well!  I was also lucky enough to purchase our tree there at a great discount along with some lovely decorations!

Via Flickr
The first thing you do is fluff your tree, yes, fluff it people!  Make sure there are no gaping holes in the greenery then put your lights on starting from the top.  I have some beautiful 'crab lights' which look like tiny crab eyes and they are really pretty, I like them far better than normal fairy lights.

Nordic House
The next step is putting on your baubles (or the one consistent shape, style ornaments you have), smaller ones at the top and grade them down to the bigger ornaments at the bottom.  I break that rule when it comes to breakable ornaments!  My lovely ceramics go up out of reach of small hands :-)

Purl Bee

Then you add the next style of ornaments, I have silver star bursts which just pop in between the branches - they get placed around in between baubles.  Then we add the odds and ends.  Oh.... not forgetting your star or angel at the top!  Trees look beautiful when they are colour themed, i.e:  gold & red, silver and blue, all white etc.. I'm not such a fan of tinsel either but I know kids love it - my children just think it belongs at the shops :-)

We play Christmas carols and make it a lovely festive activity - the kids have so much fun.  Happy first of Dec everybody... we get to flip our first shipping tag over today :-)