December 6, 2011

Australian Markets: Finders Keepers, Sydney

On the way home from the city we dropped into the Finders Keepers Market!  It was pretty busy and we didn't have a whole lot of time to stroll around but I could have spent a whole lot longer there.  The live band was fabulous and really added to the atmosphere!

The above stall is Bespoke Press which I hovered around the longest and the only store I bought from, aren't the old printing press drawers awesome?  I forgot to go back to Attia :-( 

Gorgeous artwork by Beth Emily, I loved her stall sign, even though it wasn't very big, it was visible and easy to read!  So many stalls let themselves down with bad signage (in my humble opinion).

The Story Book Rabbit had an eye catching display - height is key at an event like this otherwise it is just a sea of heads and backs, especially if you can't get to a stall.

Quirky draws me in every time!  Not sure of the name of this stall?  But I wasn't left guessing with the stall next door.

I would definitely recommend getting to the next one...especially with the farmers market on outside - double the reason to go. Speaking of markets, our very own Handmade Market is fast approaching in Canberra on 17th & 18th of December at the Convention Centre...  A fabulous venue, free parking, free entry and a whole lot of lovely stalls.