November 28, 2011

Christmas Craft: Easy DIY Advent Calendar

Advent Calendar

I made my first Advent Calendar on the weekend.  It was an easy project with minimal cost and I think it looks great.  It took more time to think of 25 things to do for Christmas :-)  I did get a few ideas here.  We wrapped a piece of 5mm foam board in wrapping paper, taped on five pieces of twine, stenciled 25 shipping tags and then wrote the activity for the day on the back.  

  • Foam board - Eckersleys or Office Works
  • Shipping tags - Office Works
  • Mini wooden pegs -  Eckersleys
  • Stencil numbers and black felt pen - Office Works
  • Twine - me :-)
  • Gift wrap - Pepe's Paperie

We included:
  1. Decorate Christmas tree
  2. Put up the nativity scene
  3. Read a Christmas story
  4. Play a Christmas CD
  5. Find some toys to donate to Salvos
  6. Color a Christmas picture
  7. Choose something from the Compassion Christmas gift catalogue
  8. Go to Civic and see the big tree
  9. Make Christmas Cards
  10. Do Christmas baking
  11. Go to Christmas Carols
  12. Hand out Christmas cards to friends at pre-school
  13. Take Christmas Photos
  14. Do a Christmas Craft
  15. Hang up Christmas stockings
  16. Go out for a Christmas treat
  17. Make a new Christmas decoration
  18. Make a treat and take it to a friend
  19. Sing at Christmas Carols with Mini Music friends
  20. Watch a christmas movie
  21. Do something nice for someone
  22. Go out to see the Christmas lights
  23. Have a campout in front of the Christmas tree
  24. Hang stockings and read twas the night before christmas
  25. Christmas day - read the true Christmas story!


    Danielle said...

    Great idea Ros, and I love all your Christmassy to-dos!

    Jordan - Polkadot Prints said...

    ooo I like it! :)

    Yana said...

    turned out really nice! the "to dos" are great too! looking forward to making one next year (when miss m is a bit older) :)

    Archie the wonder dog said...

    That's such a great idea - thanks for sharing!