December 23, 2011

Celebrating the life of my Grandfather

Aged 21
My dear Grandfather went home to be with his maker last week at age 87 and we celebrated his life this week in a joyful family-oriented service that gave glory to God, just as his life did.  A beautiful, humble, dedicated, prayerful man who had a great sense of humour and loved each grandchild (19 of us and 19 great-grandchildren) like we were his only grandchild.

Both he and my Grandma have been such wonderful examples to us in marriage and life.  I remember my grandmother telling me a story about Grandpa copping a bit of flack from her family for not having a second job and earning more money as Grandpa chose to spend time with his wife and five children instead.  I am grateful for that decision and what a profound impact it has had on my entire family.  A family that value one other and relationships.  It was a very emotional day but wonderful to be surrounded by family and friends, people that understood just how I was feeling.  


Yana said...

it was such a good day! love that photo of grandpa, so handsome! xx

gret said...

Lovely post, all so true xx

Jenn Ballard said...

I didn't realise that about Gpa and the money. There you go. Maybe on the facebook page we should post our stories about Grandpa - we might all learn something new.