December 14, 2011

Christmas Craft DIY: Sequin Tree

Sequin Christmas Tree

Anya hard at work
Yesterday was supposed to be 'take Christmas photos' on our advent calendar but I did a little swap-a-roonie and we did a Christmas craft instead.  Anya's concentration waned after the first three rows of sequins but I encouraged her to keep going after a few breaks - I filled in her gaps, so it was a bit of a mummy/daughter project!

We bought two packets of sequins (maybe used a third of each pack), one small polystyrene cone and one packet of shirt pins (hardened and polished standard ball point by Birch)... the pins incidentally made this a much more expensive craft than it should have been (I got them at Spotlight and I am sure there are cheaper ones out there).  Push pins in through sequins onto your cone - that simple!  Make sure you point the pins down the higher you get so they don't poke through.... ouch.

The happy crafter

Our new little tree is keeping our nativity scene company - quite the juxtaposition :-)