December 15, 2011

Screen Printed Christmas Panel

I eyed this beautiful panel off by Kristin Doran last Christmas, so after a sale in my etsy store at the start of the month I went straight over to Kristin's shop and bought this!

I backed it with white cotton and used some batting to give it some weight!  If I was thinking I would have given it a really good iron before I put my batting in...... derr.  I think I was so enthusiastic to get it done and put up.... but here is where I need your advice...

I found the least 'country craft' looking hanger possible - not sure if I should spray it silver too or leave it black.  The black might be a welcome contrast for my all cream walls.  Pondering if I should embroider around the main shapes... but don't want to wreck it!  I also sewed this extra piece into the top specifically for hanging... but this hanger doesn't allow much room to hang?!  I think I will just hand stitch it to the ends. 

Ok I am rambling now...I have a very sick grandfather in hospital and my thoughts are all over the place... my blog provides a great distraction for me... don't you love blog browsing for that very reason!!  A welcome but temporary distraction from life and that's ok by me.