November 9, 2011

Displaying Childrens Art

Sarah Jane has some lovely freebies on her blog to help you get your 'creative' on.  The swallow template was the perfect shape to display one of many finger paintings brought home from pre-school.   I've used a deep frame, possibly from Ikea and kept the white mat close to the glass instead of sitting on the painting, it looked ok either way.  Sitting next to my gorgeous Schmooks print!

On another note... I got excited when this turned up in the post.  Thanks to all the lovely things Kristen has sewn from Oliver & S, I finally bought this book.

Anya has gone through and picked a few favourites she would like me to make her...and then I have my own list... some cute stuff.


Anonymous said...

That book looks lovely! Just wish I had the time to sew. These days (end of year 'can-i-have-that-for-christmas photographer's crazy period!) the only time I have to knit is my son's half hour swimming lesson once a week. [SIGH]

Jordan - Polkadot Prints said...

ooo this is on my list too...where did you get it here in Australia? BD? I've had my eye on it from Homemade by Jill....