August 23, 2011

Oliver & S Pattern Inspiration

Oliver & S Sailboat pants, by Kristin from Skirtastop.

Actually Kristin should earn comission or get a free pattern or two from O&S because all her lovely sewing of their patterns, on her blog make me want to rush out and buy the O&S book/patterns!!

Top 3 photos courtesy of Skirtastop

Great free skirt pattern from O&S! I printed this out ages ago but have never made it - pretty simple really - but inspired thanks to Kristin.


Lastly gorgeous After-School Shirt + Pants that I would totally wear around, although I may look like I am in my PJ's :-) from O&S new fall and winter line.


skirtastop said...

Thanks so much for featuring my creations! I'm so flattered! :)