November 15, 2011

Self Drying Clay Christmas Decorations

Anya and I made these Christmas decorations with self drying clay from Bunnings . The white sold out early last Christmas so you might want to get in quick!!  They are the same as the style we made last year, except I let Anya do all the stamping!  We drilled a couple of holes in the roof and screwed in some hooks and suspended our branch with fishing line.

Basically roll out the clay, make sure it's not too thin, cut out your shapes, we used a chopstick to put a hole in the top for our fishing line, press a texture on them, then leave for 24 hours to dry front and back.  I did contemplate painting them silver and glittery but I do like the all white, maybe we will change it up for next year?  Our tree isn't up yet... this is the first Christmas installment!!


vividity said...

Looking good! I love the white on white.