November 18, 2011

Friday Favourites: Fabric and Gocco Prints

Lotta Jansdotter
Gorgeous fabric in my current favourite shades!  We have a little bit of yellow and mustard going on downstairs at our place, it's so cheery and fresh.  Lotta Jansdotter is a fabric designer/author, with Scandinavian roots and a really refreshing approach to life and design, which makes her work desirable in my eyes.  I'll be heading to my favourite local fabric store to see if they stock this!

Nesting Birds by Sugarloop
Citrus Birds by Sugarloop
Inspired by Lotta Jansdotter is artist Bernadette Sipkes who is the talent behind Sugarloop!  I recently purchased these babies to adorn my walls and bring me joy!  I haven't found another artist who's work I adore quite so much....  apart from Children's artist Sarah Jane

Oh and our vaccination experience yesterday was awful!  Anya screamed the Dr surgery down, Josiah cried and I cried too :-(  Fortunately we had a birthday party to attend shortly after... a great ending to an distressing morning.  Thanks for the well wishes and enquiries!  Have a relaxing weekend.


Yana said...

beautiful fabrics! i'm really liking yellow and grey at the moment... maybe i'll make a quilt in those colours one day :)