November 10, 2011

Noodlehead - Go Anywhere Bag: Review

What a great, well-priced pattern!  Three cheers for Noodlehead's, Go Anywhere Bag!  The pattern was much easier to make than my Amy Butler, Birdie Sling.  There wasn't much interfacing (handles only, as I used a home decorating weight) and overall it felt less complicated.

I loved that I got the PDF instantly and could get to work on it straight away.  The hardest part was turning my handle inside out with the interfacing - it was very stiff.  I have a metal hooked loop turner (not sure if that is the technical term :) which finally got the job done.  I used Velcro on the outside big pocket but probably would have been happy making two compartments, like the other side (where there are three sections on the outer pocket).  I was too lazy to get a magnet for the inside but I think it will be fine without.  I'm very happy with it and took it for a roast test today, no complaints here.  I highly recommend the pattern for a sewer of any level (well assuming you have basic sewing knowledge).

My fabric is Amy Butler: Floral Couture in Charcoal and River Shine in Cinder.


Anna said...

it's totally beautiful, great job

Jenn Ballard said...

is this the one you mean? Yeah i like it.