November 22, 2011

Cheap Childrens Dress Up Costume: Tinkerbell

We went to a little dress up birthday party on the weekend and Anya had her eyes firmly set on being Tinkerbell!

I bought a men's singlet from Best & Less for $3 - it was a size 20 but ended up being way too wide!  A smaller size would have done.  $4 wings from the two dollar shop, we added a bell I already had so she could 'tink' about and pom poms to sew to her jiffy's and a wand from Lincraft $3.  The pompom's were eighty cents, so make that a $10.80 costume :-)

I cut used the over-locked (serged) trim from the armholes to make her straps, sewed a narrow seam then turned them inside out with my loop turner.  I gathered the waist in by using elastic in my bobbin (which you just hand-wind on) and sew normally with a slightly longer stitch, it gathers up as you go.  The only thing I would do differently next time is possibly pop some bias along the front bodice seam as it was a little floppy at the front and stretched a bit with all the trying on!  Oh I did use the elastic in the side seams too when I took the dress in.  Super easy, super cheap and better than a synthetic costume from Big W any day!


Danielle said...

Genius! She looks thrilled with it too!

Anonymous said...

What a great idea, Ros. Well done!

Yana said...

aww, she is a cutie! great job on the dress, such a simple but great idea :)