November 17, 2011

Decorating Ideas for Your Home: Furniture

Via Apartment Therapy
I am inspired by all these furniture make overs I see around the web, giving quality but drab furniture a new lease on life!  I think this green and white combo is a winner.  It looks so fresh.  My first project is going to be my little laptop/sewing desk that is an ugly brown veneer, thrifted-desk.  I am using the same colour scheme as above :-)  No surprises there.

Natty By Design
Natty by design has some inspiring images on reviving furniture and great tips on painting.

Centsational Girl
Centsational girl has LOTS of tips on painting all sorts of surfaces, furniture makeovers, covering chairs etc..  It makes me want to rush out to the nearest hardware store!  I also bought some stripper for my Nanna's antique chair that is a drab dark brown begging to become a fun new shade of yellow (hubby's suggestion) :-)  Wish me well this morning, taking Anya for her four year old needles - booooo.


Danielle said...

These look lovely, Ros! You're very game at wanting to try this, I'd be too nervous at stuffing it up. Will have a read of this site - sounds like there are some good tips!
Good luck with the needles! Ice-cream afterwards?

Jane Elise said...

I have my hands over my ears about painting the antique chair, lol.

C has a wooden desk and hutch that was her Aunty's and it is painted white at the moment but I have these plans to repaint it in some funky way -- just never seem to get there!

Jane Elise said...

Oh and of course, boo to needles. Poor Anya. C has always been extremely stoic about needles and even watched the needle go in for a blood test. I nearly fainted! lol

Anonymous said...

So fresh and lovely!

(How did the needles go? Love to you and Anya!)

Anonymous said...

Great post!

I love the combination of the white and green together, may have to investigate and add some colour to some of my old dreary pieces of furniture!

May even give my kitchen accessories a new life of colour!