February 21, 2011

Tips for Icing Biscuits

If you are a total beginner with the whole biscuit icing thing like me then you might enjoy the Biscuiteers book, it is brilliant. This is what I have learnt from so far. The above icing is royal icing made from pure icing sugar and egg whites. There are plenty of recipes floating around the net. This is what the consistency looks like that you use for the line icing.

How pretty - can you imagine having all those colours ready to go!

Line icing is basically the thicker icing you use for the border above and to then decorate later on. The book has great images (below) to demonstrate how it is done.

We used this for the line icing and flood icing - about $6 from kitchen shops - I couldn't find any clear ones in the $2 shop! It was great to 'flood' with and for a 3 yr old good for using to do the line icing. I might try a disposable icing bag next time with a finer point?! Wait for the lines to dry then move onto 'flooding'.

You add very little water to the line icing to make flood icing (again check an online recipe). Then fill in the biscuit - the fun part! We used the back of a skewer to smooth it over and fill in the gaps rather than pouring on more icing!

This was what it looked like decorated before we popped them in a very low oven to dry (as suggested by the book - as the biscuits sometimes get soggy) see the end result here! I let some air dry over night and they were fine though!

We aren't quite here yet but something to work towards :-) Some other tutorials on flood icing.


Nattie said...

Oh wow! Rosalind, this is really great! Congrats on the beautiful cookie! thanks for sharing this with us!! I just starting to play around with different type of icing for cupcakes and cookie and this book looks awesome! Totally gonna get one! Thanks!

gret said...

Looks like a gorgeous book! Will have to have a peek next time I'm around. xx