February 8, 2011

Mad Men Fashion

We have just started watching Mad Men and I am LOVING the 50-60's fashion! Rather difficult doing the housework in those frocks mind you but the costume designer, Janie Bryant has done the best job, gorgeous. I pay close attention to what they wear in their hair.

Stunning fabrics too don't you think? I do spend most of the time grimacing at the attitudes towards women back then, I would have been a feminist for sure - I have even yelled at the TV a few times. The sound track is cool too and it's worth the watch, so far, so good.

Any West Wing Fans recognize miss Zoey Bartlett (Elizabeth Moss) here?


o_o said...

I love these designs too! If I was really skilled, I would be making my own dresses based on this style.
They are quite flattering and never go out of date :)