February 9, 2011

African Violet headband in crepe

The African Violet headband grew up - I have made a few felt ones for adults on metal headbands which look great but also doing some in finer fabric for a more grown up feel :-) Coming to my Etsy store soon!

I love this shot of Eliana it makes me smile - taken by her clever Mum- Pascale.

I made a 'sample' band similar to this but with layered fabric but decided less was more and made this second headband (above) with crepe only. The other band went off to Shop Handmade and I was happy to see it had sold when I popped in the other day, then today I am in town crossing the street and see a girl walk past wearing it! That also made me smile :-)


Anonymous said...

Lovely work as always, Ros. (And Pascale!) What a thrill is must be to see people walking around wearing your pieces!