February 3, 2011

New Infant Headbands

I have been slack in the infant headband department, the last one I made was this design and Zoe is now well over one year old!

On gorgeous skinny elastic and no embellishments in this one as I know Mum's worry about babies choking.

Just photographed - so they be in my Etsy store soon! Did you know it is only 3 weeks until the next Handmade Market. At a new venue too - may no-one ever complain about the market and the weather ever again in the same sentence! It is really worth coming to and why not make a weekend out of it and see the sites of Canberra while you are here! There are lots of free things to do here. Happy Weekend! We are off to our day of first pre-school this morning - eeeeeeeeeeeee - wish me no tears (for Anya that is).