January 24, 2012

Upcycled Vintage Painting to Chalkboard

The day after posting Amy's quote on my blog I found this vintage frame at a local reuse facility.  I have been looking for one for ages, even if the idea has been flogged to death!!  The frame had to be just the right size, not overly ornate and made of wood. 

Our youngest artist

I made my chalkboard the lazy way, I just painted over the original painting.  It is getting harder to dust off though, so I will probably replace the canvas with a smooth piece of board instead.  


Perhaps it will be our 365 Grateful project!!  We are all enjoying taking turns to be the artist for the day.  Today's board says, "Welcome Nana" - my mother in law is arriving tonight for a visit.  Hoorah for Grandmothers and a second set of hands.