January 23, 2012

Too Many Projects, Not Enough Time?

La Farme via Style Cookie
Hubby forwarded me this post by Frugalbabe.  They were familiar thoughts.  I have been pondering over a few of her points lately myself.  I laughed out loud when I saw this cool print...  I have definitely had times where I want to get my creative on, then spent all my time looking at what I could be making instead of getting to it!  I can be very easily distracted.  I came away from reading that post on Frugal babe with a  timely reminder for the start of another year to be practical, choose projects with intention, make it useful.... and ENJOY - that's all - the end. 


Yana said...

love the print! well, i implemented the "practical projects" theme last year and i have to say its great! having to say NO to some projects is still hard, but when i do and focus on ones that really matter i am much happier :) good luck with it :) x