January 30, 2012

Shop Handmade Favourites

I dropped off my first box of stock to Shop Handmade for the year and took some product shots for the Facebook page.  Isn't this the cutest cranky owl you have ever seen?  Brenda from Red Stitch Designs has done it again.  So unique and beautifully made... The same clever lady who made Anya's bird.

Prim and Pretty have so many gorgeous pendants available at Shop Handmade.  Another talented lady with lovely ideas and well-made products.

What an imagination Claire has... packaged up in a wonderful colouring in book!  We LOVE Schmooks in our house, available on Etsy too.

I am not sure of the designer of this red leather satchel but I know it is handmade in Australia and available at Shop Handmade - woo hoo.  I had an awesome birthday brunch on the weekend with some girlfriends - it was delectable and lovely to be in the company of wonderful friends!  I hope your weekend was sublime. 


Brenda said...

Thanks Ros. I love all the pictures you took of my owls xx

Prim and Pretty said...

Hi Ros, I poped into handmade Mon, How good does it look!! Shopped the Handmade scene in Melbourne over the hols, nothing came close in quality and friendlyness to Canberra's Handmade Shop. Thanx