January 26, 2012

Australia Day Celebrations

Australian Flag

Happy Australia Day! It just happens to be my birthday too :-)  Canberra was kind enough to put on a show for me... ok it may have been everyone but we were glad to be there and enjoy it.

I got a glimpse of the Governor General inspecting the troops. The Prime Minister, Julia G was there too but I didn't see her nor did she invite us to morning tea. 

The FA18 Hornets did a very noisy fly over followed by six canons firing.  Finally Anya doesn't scream the place down like she used to, Josiah thought it was great!

If only photos had audio....trying to get a family photo was fun - we made do with this one.  My very exciting birthday present was a flash for my Nikon!!!!  finally.... so thrilled.  Hope my Aussie readers enjoy the public holiday.