January 17, 2012

Free Cloud Fabric Decal or Cushion Pattern

These fabric wall decals were made early last year after seeing the Thompson Family: home tour. A paste made of cornflour and water holds these babies on the wall (tutorial on How About Orange).  Easy peasy to put on and my hubby drew these lovely clouds for me as mine were not as pretty!  I have shown these before but have taken some better photos since then and now have the cloud 'pattern' to share with you.

Cloud two and Cloud one.  Cloud two takes four sheets of A4 and cloud one takes three.  I think they are a great size for a cushion too, so I'll add that to the 'things to sew' list!  Happy Creating!

Don't forget Amanda's special offer on the light actions finishes tomorrow.


gret said...

Heya, These look great! I'm just about to make a cloud pillow for E with another pattern, but this would also be cute! Cornflour and water is such a winning combo for so many things.

Just letting you know your hyperlinks arent working properly. Cloud 1 takes me to my blogger dashboard and Cloud 2 takes me to the Cloud 1 pdf.

G xx

Rosalind said...

Should be all fixed now :-)

Lisa said...

any idea where I can find a cut out or picture like the one on the wall. my son's name is jonah! I think the whale pic or something similar would be perfect in his room.

Rosalind said...

Hi Lisa it is from Etsy - Sarah Jane Studios!! She has beautiful artwork.