December 13, 2010

Twine for Sale - in my Craftumi store

I have closed my store-front on madeit over the weekend as I have been finding it difficult to maintain both online stores along with selling at Shop Handmade. So for all your yummy hair accessories go to my Etsy store or shop local at Shop Handmade!



However, I am feeding my packaging addiction by selling some lovely eco-luxe twine by the Twinery in my Craftumi store. I have four colours to start with - some lovely red and green (perfect for Christmas) and an aqua and yellow.



The Twinery twine is made from 100% cotton and it is super soft and lovely to use. At the moment I am selling it in 5m lots but if you are interested in larger quantities then please let me know.


gret said...

Nice. Love the aqua. x

Victoria Sayer said...

Hi Ros.
I had not heard of 'Craftumi' before. As I was trying to get my tongue around the word, I found that your link to it is mis-spelt.
Is it pronounced 'craft-tummy' or 'craft-toomy' or is there some other way to pronounce it. Jill had a laugh at me for mis-pronouncing the word 'craftopolis'. I was saying: 'crafto-polis', instead of running the letters together. Hey, cut me some slack...I'm getting a bit old.

Dana Simionescu said...

love you blog, congrats