December 17, 2010

Free Tutorial - Ruffled Scarf

In the spirit of the last minute Christmas gift....I present to you my ruffled scarf! This may serve those in the Northern Hemisphere better for the month of December but book mark it for your DIY 'must-do' list for winter for the rest of us. Inspired by my sister-in-laws cool black scarf on her last visit from NZ I went straight to the fabric store then straight to work.

Cut yourself a 2m length of a stretch knit fabric (mine is 187cm) and 30cm wide for the base of the scarf. Then cut approximately 35 strips of the same fabric, my pieces were about 30-35cm width and 7-8cm long. Cut them wider than 35cm if you want more of a ruffle than I have here.

Without finishing edges of anything sew the small strips of fabric across the width of the scarf base, layering them as you go. I didn't pre-gather the strips as I wanted a subtle ruffle on this scarf but might try a lighter knit next time with more of a gather. I just pinched little pleats almost in places along the strips and sewed a straight stitch across and Voila! You could always use elastic in your bobbin to get more volume :-)

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Little Ted Canvas said...

I LOVE it!

Posie Patchwork said...

Wow, really want to try this one, aces Ros, love Posie

Tania McCartney said...

Love it! now I need it to be winter. NOW! x