December 15, 2010

A look inside Handmade Living

There are projects in this book to suit all levels of crafters. It is broken into seven sections and the illustrations by Tina are just stunning.

Finally a look at my pages :-) The lovely model on the left is my cousin Melanie. I told her I would be focusing mainly on the flower and she shouldn't worry about too much of her head appearing in the shot - now she has ended up with her entire head on an entire page ;p I giggle every time I see it. Sorry Mel! The green dress she has on is what my bridesmaid wore almost 8 years ago.

Itching to make this praline and the fortune cookies would make a great place-holder at a party don't you think - with a fun message inside! They would be a cute invite too - if you printed small enough :-)

Seriously stylish door stoppers by Posie Patchwork!

The art of applique by Ivy Designs... I have a couple of books in my Etsy store for purchase and a few snaps of the launch party Friday night - can be found here.


Posie Patchwork said...

Oh so funny with Melanie's FULL PAGE shot, your cousins are all so fabulous!! Hello Gretel!!
Thanks for featuring some of my projects, i am getting lots of people emailing me saying how much fun the fortune cookies are. Tee hee. Love your work darling, love Posie

Nattie said...

This book is totally in my wish list for next year!! Due to my low $ for xmas!! Great job Rosalind! Can't wait to get my hand on it next year! Have a nice day!!

vividity said...

Looks like a lovely book, Ros. Congratulations.

Tania McCartney said...

Do you know how stunning this pic of Mel is? Truly! I knew I had to use the entire shot, I love it so much - it's just beautiful and please tell your gorgeous cousin I think so! x