December 8, 2010

Photography props

Trialling a few props for my product shots. I wasn't sure how this old Box Brownie of my Mum's would work as a prop for hair accessories as thematically - they don't really go? But I am drawn back to these photos again and again... the camera really jumps off the page to me and somehow with that, the headband works - what do you think?

My letterpress G from Doug Up On Bourke

You can't really see it but my tall spool (also from DUOB) - wished I had of bought the smaller one too as this is a little tall for my light tent. The above two items are listed in my etsy store.. the others on their way.

My rustic tin G from Provincial Home Living.

The good old Maxwell Williams egg cup for my dark coloured items. Which is your favourite?


Little Ted Canvas said...

I love your props, everything looks just beautiful!

gret said...

Images 2 and 4 are my favourite. :)

Yana said...

the props are cool.. the camera and the egg cup are my favs :)