March 29, 2015

Sewing: Freestyle Quilt Mash Up

The best way to de-stash before an international move is have a family member have a special birthday and be determined to make a special handmade present while you are packing!  I'm not sure if it was good therapy or plain stupidity.  It's the most fun I've had making a quilt though - I call it my de-stash, free-style, mash-up of goodness.  Sorry if your eyeballs are hurting, my niece LOVES colour...
My intention was to use this pattern for the whole quilt which is stunning but I didn't have the patience for it in my time frame.  You can see a block of chevron in the first photo which coincidentally looks like a tree :-)
The back and binding were made from scraps.  I had lectured myself on not buying any new fabric for this project but sadly had some big patches to fill in, so I caved.  It was the last project I completed with my beautiful sewing gals - I miss Tuesday nights at my place.