March 24, 2015

Discover: Alabama Chanin

I just discovered Alabama Chanin and I'm just so excited about their cool techniques and point of difference in the fashion industry!!!  A company whose ethos is inspired by the principles of the slow food movement and are fully invested in environmentally responsible products and materials, ahhh so very cool.
Not just that, their craftsmanship is top quality and everything is truly beautiful to look at, a work of art.  While I prefer the simpler, un-embellished pieces I so appreciate the details - the embroidery, embellishment and hard work that has gone into their h-a-n-d-s-e-w-n  garments.....woah.  They do machine make clothes too and primarily use locally sourced organic cotton.

I was so excited I purchased founder, Natalie Chanin's, Hand-Embellishing Knit fabrics course on Craftsy.  I'm not planning on sewing along and making the jacket included but Natalie is such a gifted teacher,  I've enjoyed what I have learnt so far.  I was lucky to get the course on sale too... I love learning :-)  Of course there are books, courses, sewing supplies and Natalie's journal has some really interesting, thought provoking articles under the Beautiful life and Inspiration category.  I'll leave you to get lost in the world of A.Chanin yourself....

All photos via Alabama Chanin