September 21, 2015

Discover: Inspirational Sewing Blogs

Photo: Felicia Semple - The Craft Sessions

The Craft Sessions is currently rating number one on my 'virtual bookshelf'.  Creator Felicia Semple and team run crafting retreats in country Victoria - good food, making and good company - sounds inviting.. maybe when I return to Australia.  Felicia has written a lot of thoughtful posts on crafting that have really resonated with me and she has great taste in Fabric.

Photo: Ada Spragg
Another top shelf sewing blog is Ada Spragg.  Sophie should receive commissions from the many sewing patterns she has undoubtedly encouraged people to purchase simply through her fabulous interpretations, styling and fabric choices.  I don't know how many times I have seen something Sophie has made and thought, oh love that... looked up the pattern and thought, wow - I would never have given that a second thought.

Photo: Trene - Groovy Baby and Mama
Trene from Groovy Baby and Mama inspires me to choose great fabric!  After reading some of Felcia's posts on the Craft Sessions, I realised I buy too much fabric that I love for it's colour or patterns but realistically I would never wear them, arghhh.  I usually hate black and grey on kids but they never look out of place on Trene's stylish children, must be the Danish factor :-)

Watch this space for the start of my stash busting and thoughtful, intentional fabric purchases, oh once I get my sewing mojo back :-)