March 22, 2015

Sewing: Book Week Costumes - Oliver and S Cape

We got to experience our first book week since living here in London!  Something I had always looked forward to doing since having school age kids but our Canberra school didn't ever participate, now I feel somewhat relieved.  However, I did enjoy making the Red Riding Hood cape from the book, Oliver and S - Little Things to Sew.  The outside fabric is just cheap lining which cost me five pound, the button one pound and the lining is an old sheet.  I bought Anya's 'Merida' dress on e-bay second hand and despite Anya's hair colour being perfect for Merida, we decided Maid Marion was a true book character.

Anya is seven years old, so I made the large size as suggested and lengthened it by eight inches.  I found the armholes were in a little bit of a weird place regardless of the length.  Having said that the pattern comes together beautifully and I found it a satisfying and easy sew (read_no fussing over size adjustments_).
No Maid Marion is complete without her side-kick Robin Hood!!!  I surprised the kids with a bow and arrow just before taking the photos - they were chuffed!  When I decided to make Anya's cape I completely tossed out the idea of making two costumes, I'm not stupid.  I went against my no polyester policy and bought Josiah's outfit online too - our dress up box is slowly being replenished.