March 23, 2015

Sewing: Woven Hemlock Tee

Nani Iro - Shine Many Ways was my choice of fabric for my first woven Hemlock Tee by Grainline Studios.  It's my second Hemlock and while I'm not convinced it's the best pattern for my body shape I like a comfy shirt and Jen's patterns.  The Ivory fabric is a lot more 'latte' than Ivory, I feel like I need some contrasting Navy around my neck or a tiny pocket :-)

I would also recommend using a fine or new needle as I didn't bother changing mine from my last few projects and wished I had after some unpicking the cotton sateen it left me with visible holes.  They have already started fading after a little smoothing out with my fingers and then ironing.  The fabric crinkles a bit but it's sooo nice to touch and wear.
Amber from Fancy Tiger Crafts cut her sleeves on the bias and I might do that if there is a next time.  I have enough arm movement but wished there was slightly more ease.  I may alter the sleeve length to above the elbow if I have any shrinkage - even though the fabric is pre-washed.
Overall I'm happy with my new 'Spring' top - it's a nice quick sew.  It was freezing outside on Saturday when we took these photos... Come on Spring weather, this Aussie is SICK of the cold.  We didn't ever intend for back to back Winter's on moving to the UK but that was the result of a long visa wait, boooo.
I remember the under arm seam on my last Hemlock tripped me up - I tried to sew it at too much of an angle - I think the picture on Jen's tutorial wasn't real clear.  Ironing the seams the way she instructs is important and so is clipping under the arm seam too for woven fabric.  Some lazy person hasn't unpacked her over-locker yet!!
I hope someone finds these photos helpful, they are the sort of pictures I look for when I am stuck on something.  Clearly I don't pattern match!


jen said...

I made two woven hemlocks recently and struggled with that arm connection -- thanks for posting the photo, that helps me! Your shirt in nani iro is so great -- I'm sure you love it!