December 18, 2012

Wiksten Tank: Amy Butler Voile

Here is my Wiksten Tank in Amy Butler's gorgeous Soul Blossoms voile, Dancing Paisley in Limestone.  I haven't felt or worn such a beautiful soft voile before.  It barely needs an iron (meaning...I don't actually iron it)!  It is so comfy and cool - I love it.  My trial version of this top was in a white swiss dot voile from spotlight.  I didn't do the french seams as instructed on the white version so the result of course is not as fitted as this one, which I made properly.
I did make the neckline slightly higher as my bra is annoyingly visible on the white version.  I also cut the armholes slightly deeper on this top hoping for a centimetre or two more room but forgot to take into consideration the french seams so it is still snug but not irritatingly so.  I love this fabric and will find it difficult to sew anything else but voile from now on :-)   

Ed note: I made this from 1 1/4 yards (1m) of fabric! Which was a total of $15USD - plus the pattern, I think I made a small.


Yana said...

beautiful! just the thing to have these hot days! just wondering, does it really take 2.5 yards to make the tank (as per fabric reqs. on the pattern)?? seems like a lot of fabric....

gret said...

I have one I'm posting this week too! Made it a while ago but didn't get around to posting it. I like it but didn't bother with the test version and I agree, a bit low cut at the front, which a lot of people have commented on. LOVE your fabric - more so than mine I think! Voile is the best. I made a medium in Cotton Lawn (equally as lovely to wear) but really need the small once not feeding V.

Nice work

G x

Rosalind said...

Thanks ladies!

Yana I answered your question above in the editors note.

Gret, looking forward to seeing yours, we have posting esp again!