December 6, 2012

Furniture Renovation: Bed Side Table

I have actually finished painting Josiah's bed a few weeks ago but we are waiting for a mattress (sale!) so we can assemble the bed and put it in his room.  Sooooo exciting.  In the meantime I picked up this gorgeous bed side table for the kids room or mine for $20, once again at Tiny's.  I rather like it but so does Anya!  It would be perfect to hide her treasures!  It may be a glossy white this one?  I don't think she will appreciate grey.  Any other colour suggestions?


Yana said...

ohh, lovely! how about white base with stencilled something in a colour/colours that match other things in her bedroom?

gret said...

I think I need to come and take a stop by Tiny's....!