December 7, 2012

Christmas Advent Calendar: DIY

I was a couple of days late finalising my advent calendar this year but here it is in action.  We used the same board from last year but just changed out the shipping tags for folded cardboard.  The list is pretty much the same with a few changes - I schedule it in with our calendar and local events happening around the place.
We went pink, silver and white this year as we have had red and silver for about seven years. The tree needs a few more decorations yet so I have scheduled some handmade decoration making activities into our advent calendar!   In case you missed this post last year on decorating your tree, even though we didn't follow it so well this year with the kids helping!

My cute little angel is from a trip to New Orleans in 1997!!  I can't believe I have had her this long and she has survived.  She would be pretty easy to make.  I smile and think of my friends there every time I hang her on the tree! x