December 10, 2012

A Millinery Weekend with Julie Fleming: Melbourne

I made this beautiful bow headband on Saturday under Julie's instruction (she made most of it really!!).  It is made from a lovely Japanese vintage hemp which makes amazing bows and holds its shape wonderfully.  My biggest regret is not taking my third child, the Nikon SLR!  So I am going to put a disclaimer on the rest of my photos from here on in.  If you want to see some stunning photos of Julie's work and studio/shop visit Hang Le's blog.
We made this fascinator base from scratch, from Sinamay and Hemp, it turned out beautifully I think.  Julie showed me how to make a birdcage veil in the above photo... attempted to anyway - it was with my nylon veiling which as it turns out has nothing on the stunning vintage collection Julie owns and it doesn't steam well at all... boo...  I was well educated in the area of supplies!
The vintage veiling is just beautiful - so soft and these patterned chenille dots are gorgeous, no?!  I need to get me a Poupee!!!  So much easier to work on than my current set up.  So if any of my vintage loving peeps ever see one - GRAB it!  They are paper mache with a fabric cover, making it easy to pin on.
Some of Julie's creations and how awesome is this light below with that amazing medallion!!
Julie is currently sharing her showroom with another Melbourne based designer, Call Me Madam - this blouse is from the Lyla line.  I look at these photos and think I am crazy for not trying this blouse on for a start and coming home with many goodies from Julie's shop!  I probably value my marriage truth be told :-)
Vintage mirrors, what more can I say!  Divine glitter stars which may be appearing in Julie's etsy store soon.... pretty please!!!  They are completely handmade and a lovely mix of colours -  a great stocking filler I think. 
That wraps up my little tour for today on a wonderful weekend learning from a true artist -  a couture milliner who studied under one of the biggest names in the business in London.  Julie has more editorial than you can poke a stick at and her designs have been made for so many Australian film and TV stars including Kylie Minogue.  Her work is vintage with a modern twist, current yet old worldly, unique and beautifully made down to the last hidden stitch!  If you are considering taking a class I highly recommend it!  You won't be disappointed - we had lots of laughs.  Thanks Julie.


Yana said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time. Your bow headband is just gorgeous :)

Julie Fleming Melbourne said...

Hi Rosalind, here are the German Glass Stars 'A Star for a Star'

gret said...

Looks great! Super skills to have and a dying art - go Ros!