December 17, 2012

Christmas Crafting: Cardboard Wreath

I finally made a Christmas wreath for the wall, it doesn't hang on our door as it isn't water-proof.  It is made from toilet and paper towel rolls!  Anya cut them up for me ages ago so all I had to do was hot glue them together. 

Step 1
Cut toilet rolls into approximately 2cm pieces then hot glue pieces in pairs.

Step 2
Using a paper plate as a guide, lay the pairs around the outer circle of the plate, then glue all the pairs together making a ring.  Remove paper plate.

Step 3.
Stack two more ready-glued pairs on top of inner circle and hot glue. Finally glue singular pieces into the v shape of the second ring of pairs.

I sprayed roughly with gold, hiding any brand words on the toilet paper.  Lay to dry for 24 hours then mount on wall, with your hook preferably not in view like mine :-)

I think it could even do with a third ring to make it thicker and more sturdy.  Or alternatively use a coat hanger wire or a sturdy piece of clear plastic as a base to glue too.  


Yana said...

that is so simple but cool!!!! i think i need to make one now and spray paint it to hang on the front door! off to check how many toilet paper rolls i have :)