May 22, 2012

Wiksten Tova

Here is my completed Wiksten Tova!  I ended up cutting an inch or so off the bottom as the length didn't suit my shape.  This fabric was meant for something else back in February but as soon as I bought the Tova pattern it was re-assigned - I never wear patterns on my top half.  So comfortable to wear. 

I am in between sizes but chose to make a small and it was perfect for me aside from the length.  It is a little roomy in the back and I may consider adding a couple of darts but for now it is only been worn under cardigan's etc because it is so cool here.  Loving the Tova!  Thanks Jenny :-)     

I also made the tank with sleeves.  It gets lots of wear but I do wish I had of made the hems wider as they roll constantly, it may help if I ironed the shirt but who wants to iron knits!! 


gret said...

Lovely! Great minds think alike...did you see my Facebook page update today? :)

Yana said...

your tova is great!!! lovely fabric and looks fab!! :) xx