May 6, 2012

Coffee Filter Chrysanthemum Flower

Come back on Tuesday to check out my easy Tutorial on a coffee filter Chrysanthemum using good old fashion floristry skills (wire and tape) - no glue gun!!

Just in time for your Mothers Day tables.  If you are keen you will need:

  • A roll of floristry tape - Parafilm is self sealing and made from wax and resin, it isn't sticky like Floratape (paper based) and you can buy it from a florists shop or use what you have.
  • Floristry wires - a heavier gauge like an 18 or 20 (the higher the gauge the thinner the wire).  You can buy a small bundle from the florist shop (silver or green) any length but shorter if you want a short stem, or often you will find them at the fabric or dollar store.