May 31, 2012

Making Ice Cream and Fussy Eaters

I am half way through making ice-cream without an ice-cream maker this time.  I saw a technique on using a food processor on Pinterest (of course).  The delectable image above however is from A Cup of Jo, also made without an ice-cream maker.

Sarah Jane

On a food related note, I am over half way through this book which is fabulous so far.  Really interesting to learn about how the French view food education and food as a culture in general.  More importantly, I hit a turning point the other night night when I completely identified with one of Karen's experiences when she first tried to tackle her tricky food situation at home (chapter five). 

It was a timely intervention on our nightly meal times, I have been using number six every night since first receiving the book but having quite a battle to get Anya, who is my painful eater, to even comply to tasting.  So, the last few nights we have focused more on basic table manners and pleasant family conversation, I still say "the mantra", #6  but don't push it.  I have also gone back to involving the kids in food prep (I stopped when number two came along) and I have to say it has been quite enjoyable.  Josiah is happy cutting up the stalks of something with the 'plastic' knife while Anya gets to use a real knife - eeek!  She is doing very well under much supervision!!   Anyway, if you have any challenging eaters in your house... this book might be for you too!