May 14, 2012

Must see Movie...ONCE

Sometimes there are movies that come along and make such an impression, they stay with you for a long time.  Once was one of these movies.  Particularly the music!!!  It's all about the music. 

The musician/actors pictured, Marketa Irglova and Glen Hansard wrote and sang all the songs in the movie which went on to win an Oscar in 2007 for Best Original Song.  It is a bit quirky, understated and I loved it even more for the unknown actors, un-polished, low budget feel.  Put it on your must watch list if you haven't already seen it!! 


Yana said...

i'm intrigued! shall add to my watch it list :)

gret said...

Have you seen the Swell Season's real life sequel called "The Swell Season?" Looks good to me, have been keen to see it but haven't got to it yet...about their rise to fame after Once and what happens to them in real life?